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In the Heart of Kentucky

About Us
We are Jim and Debbie Farmer and we love German Shepherd Dogs, most especially ours!

We have raised or bred dogs and many other animals all our lives. With our children all now out on their own, Jim and I realized we now had us time to dedicate to what we were passionate about. No more school activities, sports practices, and weekend ball games to fill our schedules.

Being intrigued by the German Shepherd's beauty, intelligence and loyalty, I have had a love for this fine breed from a very young age. I have been around German Shepherds through my lifetime, underestanding their workability, dedication and constant will to please.

So we got our first German Shepherd. I fell instantly head over heels in love with her. Especially her intelligence and desire to please. I can never thank Dale Bogard enough for breeding this loving sweet girl. Then came our boy, Baron. Years passed, now we have a pack. I use the pronoun "I" but I could never do this without Jims unwavering support, hard work. knowledge, common sense, and pure love and passion of our dogs as well. This is not how we make our living, Jim has a regular full time job to support us, this is how we have chosen to spend our time. And what a joy it is every day to feel the smiles and love they bring to our hearts and my soul. They are our family members. Much pride is taken in them and the puppies it takes us all to produce.

We absolutely love living in Kentucky.  Playing with our German Shepherds and fishing many of our local amazing Kentucky fishing hot spots are our favorite things to do. Crappy, Catfish, Bass, whatever is biting at the time just calls us out to the lake ever chance we get. Life is good for us playing with our dogs, smelling puppy breath, and kicking it at the lake. For us, it just couldn't get much better.

We also have a baby. A fur Baby that is, that must have mention. She is very much an intregal part of our family unit. Fancy is a 6 lb. Chorkie. (Chihuahua x Yorkie) and she is the boss. All our dogs love and respect Fancy. She is truly a daddy's little girl and no one is able to forget that.

And finally, yes, we do accept visitors. All we ask is that you contact us in advance. We, dogs included, do not just lounge arond the house. We go fishing, to town, run and play in the dirt and mud of the garden, and occasionally we even get to take a few vacations. At times a shower and clean up for one or all of us may be in order prior to having company. As well if we have puppies, we are extremely cautious about their health and take some extra precautions. (Please read our Page About Parvo), so you can understand why we restrict visitation for the first 7 weeks of the puppies life, and have some safety guidelines we follow for puppy visitations. 

Good Luck with your search for the right puppy. Hope to talk to you soon.